World of tanks critical error updating the launcher

This essentially means that % bonuses resulting from equipped armor or traits (e.g.10% bonus from superior scholar runes) do not affect the damage done by your phantasms.Projectiles are a very important thing to the mesmer for an obvious reason: reflection, the mesmer has by far the highest number of reflective abilities, providing defense as well as offense in a large amount of situations.

Phantasms will be covered specifically in a later part of this guide.

After deciding between clones and phantasms, the mesmer has to make the choice whether to let illusions live, or have them destroy themselves using what is called ‘shattering’.

Regular damage calculation goes as follows: Damage done = Weapon strength * Power * Skill – Specific coefficient / Target’s armor After this calculation has been made, critical damage is added appropriately to chance and ferocity.

A reflected projectile, however, is not shot directly by the mesmer, meaning that weapon strength, power and the skill- specific coefficient come from the initial projectile launcher, the mob.

But don’t worry about that yet, we’re just getting started here.