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“They love their partner, [they say] that marriage is for life, and if they leave, they’re afraid they'll lose access to their children, which is the same kind of things we’ve been hearing women say for decades.” In 2014, The National Domestic Violence Hotline recorded about 6,960 interactions from people identifying as male victims. And yet a large-scale study of male victims who called domestic violence hotlines shows only 8 percent found them “very helpful.” Sixteen percent said the people at the hotline dismissed or made fun of them.

“Providers often times aren’t really prepared to deal with anyone other than a straight woman,” Douglas says.

finally decided to leave with his two daughters, they jumped in the car and sped away. ' You keep playing that through your head.” Jeff and his older daughter created a “safe word,” when it was bad enough that they needed to leave, she’d say the word. He started calling down the list of domestic violence shelters in North Texas. “The thing you [hear] the most is they only serve women.

“I went and got cash out of the ATM [...] as much as I could pull, filled up the gas tank. ‘We’re sorry to hear you’re in the position you are, we’re here to support you but we only serve women.’” Seeing beyond gender Men and women perpetrate violence at roughly the same rates, yet there are far fewer resources to help men, according to Emily Douglas, an associate professor of social work at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts.

Low self-esteem can plague either partner in a teen relationship and act as a catalyst to abuse.


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