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They are also very hostile to claims of repressed memory altogether.In New York, the statute of limitations for any kind of sexual assault (1st or 2nd degree) or molestation is 5 years.If you wanted to sue a church for hiring a abusive clergyman, you would have three years from your 18th birthday.

They flirted a little — he took two pictures of her, she snapped some of him — and then she and her date went back to the dance floor.

“It was like, one of those things where you’re aware of the other person all night,” she said.

Unlike most states, New York does However, New York is like most other jurisdictions in that it doesn't begin enforcing statutes of limitation until after you become an adult (over 18 years old).

This means that if one wanted to directly sue the abuser for abuse suffered as a child, you would have one year from your 18th birthday to do it.

This is a bit confusing, but it basically provides another way to sue an abuser if the normal SOL has already run out.