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    A lovely example and seldom seen in such pristine condition. See Labbe's "Guardians of the Life Stream" for additional information on this and other types of Cocle pottery. He wields a spiked club with both hands and wears a two-horned helmet. Nicely adorned with a large triangular nose ornament and double-lobed ear ornaments. At the top is a wide strap handle and tapered spout. Minor pitting, surface wear, scrapes and dings and light paint loss present along with surface deposits. Both arms and legs reattached with restored break lines. The circular designs represent the spots of a jaguar and are a rare feature on Paracas vessels. Assembled from original pieces; twelve (12) large shards and several smaller pieces with restored break lines. The arms are shown to the sides and the legs are tucked underneath in a kneeling position. 5 — Peru 500 AD - 800 AD A rare Wari (Huari) vessel from the Ayacucho region, South-Central Andes of ancient Peru. A barrel-form vessel with cylindrical body topped by loop handles and flared spout. He is grasping his opponent and wields a tumi knife. Acquired via inheritance from her mother who was an artist, collector and world travler. Although referred to as 'axes', these were not made for use as weapons, but were chisels (tools) used to shape and carve stone. Also included is a stack of (10 or so) smaller pieces that have been fused together by oxidation. A lovely example from a seldom seen Bolivian culture. The upper half of the vessel is intricately carved. 0 — Ecuador 600 BC - 300 BC A very rare Chorrera erotic whistle vessel from ancient Ecuador. 5 — West Mexico 300 BC - 300 AD Two partial obsidian pectorals. Both flutes are in playable condition with nice tones and have two pierced holes used for suspension around the neck. The face is framed with large slab panels that create a massive headdress. He wears elaborate regalia; the headdress features opposing birds with heads turned backward. 0 — Vera Cruz, Mexico 600 AD - 900 AD A rare and exceptional Sonriente figure from the Remojadas region of ancient Veracruz. 17.5" x 9.5" 5 — West Mexico 200 BC - 400 AD A large Nayarit plate (shallow bowl) from ancient West Mexico. 0 — Mexico 400 AD - 750 AD A Teotihuacan tripod vessel from ancient Mexico. The three gracefully curving legs are decorated with stylized bird heads with long beaks, likely representing the heads of pelicans. A chip on the spout is restored, but it is otherwise intact. A few minor scrapes and dings along with light deposits (consistent with age) as would be expected. Smaller than most of this type, but is a really cute piece that displays well. Some light surface erosion, mainly on the ears and along the bottom. The group contains celt forms, chisels, axes and scrapers. A nice selection of ancient utilitarian stone tools. The elongated snout indicates these are most certainly representations of caimans or possibly alligators. The outer boarder shows stylized glyphs and centipedes. Tripod 1 (left) - Orange terracotta with areas of fire clouding. Tripod 2 (right) - Tan (buff) terracotta with some fire clouding. The vessel sits atop a footed base and has a wide strap handle. Condition is quite good, a hole in the back (under the handle) and rediating cracks have been restored otherwise intact. A wide band of incised geometric forms decorate the midsection and up the back. All are round, spherical shapes and are decorated with two small zoomorphic adornos. The headdress is incised across the forehead and flows gracefully over the head and down the shoulders. These rare figural ollas are attributed to the late period, Southern Maya. Several chips along the base, but is otherwise intact with no repairs or restoration. Adorned with circular ear spools and a necklace of graduated disk beads. This very rare mirror dates to the Wairajirca-Kotosh Period. His arms are raised in a gesture which indicates he is in an induced state of shamanic transformantion. The fruits are accented with red and black stripes delicately painted over a backround of cream slip. There are two rhizomes flanking the central chamber. Just under 6" across x 6" tall 5 — Mexico 400 AD - 650 AD Three pottery bowls from Teotihuacan, Mexico. The practice of inhaling hallucinogens was critical to the shamans of Pre-Columbian times. A small shard is reattached and restored along the slit. Minor restoration to both hands and the headdress of the figure. For a similar example see page 130, Image 278 in Rebecca Stone-Miller's "Seeing With New Eyes" - Highlights of the Michael C. A portion of the head and a small section of the lower blade has been reattached with breaks restored. Approx 11" across x 3" tall 5 — Peru 300 AD - 600 AD Two rare Moche rattles; one spherical, the other cylindrical. Each is pierced for suspension and were likely worn as pendants or clothing ornamentation. The low, wide bowl has a stepped edge with two rows of incising all around supported by three pointed hollow legs.

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