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Until then, Bielstein, 46, is squaring away her desk at Actors Theatre of Louisville, Ky., where she has been managing director for nine years. What else do you know of the Twin Cities as a theater town? Working together leverages our collective strengths. I don’t know enough in the community to see what’s needed. At Actors Theatre, we had several streams of programming and, of course, Humana [one of the nation’s premier festivals of new plays].

Before that, she spent 15 years in Chicago theater, with experience in administration, communications, fundraising and producing. A: I have visited five to six times over the last decade. I’m aware of the multiple companies and excited to see work at various theaters. Chicago, where I did a lot of my work, is a large theater community that is highly collaborative. I know the impact on the community is highly important to Joe as well. New work is tougher to sell, so we have done a lot to generate excitement among our local audience. A: We will rent initially and get a sense of the different neighborhoods.

I think it will feel very similar, but I will not be reporting to the board. Q: You know the Twin Cities for its artistic reputation.

Q: What’s your philosophy on office politics, a big part of a collaborative industry? Do you have other impressions on what might be our signature characteristics?

We tested the concern that younger people are more interested in social media than art. All of the new work and the writers we get to read and produce. Q: The low in Minneapolis [last weekend] will be 9 below zero.


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    The burnished surface has light deposits along with minor scrapes and paint loss as would be expected. Well cast in copper with encrusted surfaces and some fabric impressions. The head of the peccary is realistically sculpted and there's a short tail at the rear. One end is decorated with concentric half-circles; the other end has a row of triangles. The bottom shows 'free-form' brushed designs in groups of three. Assembled from six large shards and a dozen or so smaller pieces. In good condition with one claw partially restored and another reattached. Also, the top of the spout has been replaced, otherwise intact and original. Burnished blackware exterior with decoration consisting of three curving S-shaped designs that are filled with a stippled (textured) surface. See pages 29 through 32 of Christopher Donnan's "Ceramics of Ancient Peru" for similar photographs of this type and additional scholarly information. 0 — Ecuador 400 BC - 200 AD Two large and exceptional Guangala pottery stamps from ancient Ecuador. Very rare examples that display nicely on custom stands that are included. In fair to good condition with one flange partially restored. The background areas are covered with raised dots, representing rainfall. Intact with no cracks, breaks, repairs or restoration. A fine and very early example of erotic art from that region. The jaguar motif continues on the interior of the bowl where a row of four stylized felines circle the inner rim. A classic depiction of the Chinesco 'Type-D' style. This life-size example portrays an individual with chubby cheeks; possibly a depiction of a 'coca chewer'. Rounded bowl with nearly straight neck and rolled rim. The hands are nicely sculpted and show painted fingernails. The head is intact with only two spout chips restored. Approx 13" tall x 8.5" across 5 — Costa Rica 400 AD - 700 AD An unusual tripod rattle vessel from Costa Rica's Atlantic Watershed Zone. Redware construction with opposing loop handles and flared spout. A male figure emerges from the upper shoulder of the vessel. Nicely painted with a band of glyphs or pseudo-glyphs in vibrant shades of red and black against a tan background. The headdress features an interlocking, woven mat design in high relief. The lower edge is decorated with long rectangular strips (fringe). Minor paint enhancements and light deposits present. There are a few areas of fire clouding as would be expected in a vessel of this size. The lid has a single restored crack and one edge chip restored. As is common, Water Lily Jaguar is shown with mouth protrusions; the tongue and in this case a version of the 'flame and smoke curl' symbol. Some teal pigment remaining in the incised crevices. A few dings and scratches, light surface wear and deposits as would be expected and is consistent with age and extended burial. Displays impressively on a custom metal stand which is included as shown. The stirrup handle is also stippled and is wrapped with raised coils. 9" tall x 5.5" across 0 — Mexico 400 AD - 650 AD Two orangeware pottery bowls from Teotihuacan, Mexico. Bowl #1 (Top), Large, shallow bowl with small nubbin tripod feet, widely flared sides and decorated with incised scalloped (cloud) designs. Buff terracotta construction with some white stucco remaining in the deep crevices and light earthen deposits overall. Similar examples can be seen in the book "Hidden Faces of the Maya" by Linda Schele. Constructed of tan terracotta with orange pigment on the face and nose ornament. There are light stains (sticker residue) on both sides. Included is a small, but lovely Maya stone celt, also from the Classic Period. Pendant - Approx 6" tall x 3.5" across x .25" thick. Celt - 1.75" long x 1.25" across x 3/8" thick 5 for both — Costa Rica 200 AD - 600 AD Two Costa Rican Axe God celts (pendants) from the Guanacaste/Nicoya region. It depicts an anthropomorphic figure with hands across the chest. Just under 9" across x 3" tall 0 — Costa Rica 1200 AD - 1500 AD Large Costa Rican "Castillo Incised" blackware tripod rattle vessel dating to the Late Period. 0 — Costa Rica 400 AD - 700 AD Very large Costa Rican tripod rattle vessel from the Central Highlands - Atlantic Watershed Zone, dating to Period IV-V.

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    To adopt or to take as your own--generally in reference to habits, mannerisms, and elements of style or speech. Example: My roommate is dressing just like me--he's schwicking my whole look. The tupperware container in the back of the fridge that has been there so long that you have no idea what is inside and are terrified to find out. Both terms derived from every Scooby Doo episode being essentially the same. A desire beyond words, for a sort of super craving.

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