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'He actively pursued women who were advertising S&M and then there was an agreement made, and when they arrived, he went beyond what they believed was the agreed sexual act,' Lt.

Jim Gavin of the Los Angeles Police Department said of Bernback. Gavin also said that the department has two additional cases involving Bernback that they may present to the district attorney. Gavin had previously revealed that the department knew of at least eight women who had been sexually assaulted by Bernback, and said that he would seek out women between the ages of 20 and 24 who had a troubled sexual history.

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Marcellus wiley dating patti stanger

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He also noted that an 'exchange of money for sex' took place each time, and revealed that the prosecution was struggling to move forward with the case over the issue of whether or not the women has given their consent before meeting with Bernback.'This is a new form of prostitution, and it's a new way for sexual predators to take advantage of young women, and it's disappointing,' explained Lt. A number of the women who Bernback sought out had also been molested as children he noted, while urging any other victims to come forward.

Bernback was able to post his $2.1million bail shortly after being taken into custody , and now only faces three misdemeanor counts for GHB, ecstasy and cocaine that was discovered on the scene during his arrest.

Michael Leslie Bernback, 65, was facing life in prison after being charged with multiple counts of rape for the alleged incidents, which all occurred at his 'house of horrors' in Sherman Oaks, California.