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and escape being broke like her parent’s generation.

In comparison, pretty girls in the USA tend to be airheads (not always, it’s just a tendency, there’s always exceptions! Most already grew up living in material ease and comfort, and their good looks brings offers of free dinners and gifts. tend to live in a bubble of naivety, spoiled behavior, and just being stupid in general. finding a stunner 21 year old that speaks multiple languages and is super smart and educated is a rarity anywhere… Either girls have brains, or they have looks– but not both.

However, in my experience the same is true for generally anywhere you travel.

I’ve found that girls in Sweden and Germany also love to hear a foreign American accent.

Specifically, I mean women from cities like Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia and Krakow, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine. The lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of Eastern European girls are hotter and more attractive than the lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of American girls.

The bottom half of American girls are generally fat and out of shape.

I found that the top 10% of pretty girls in Eastern Europe tend to be a lot more educated than the top 10% of pretty girls in the United States.