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In Indian grocery stores, the hing is usually found in powdered form.

Cinnamon (and mostly the Ceylonese variety) in its stick/quill for as well as powdered, is used extensively in Indian cooking, mostly for savory dishes.

Often times a few bits of broken sticks are added as the oil heats up; this way the oil is flavored and the food is cooked in this fragrant oil. Clove is mostly used to flavor spicy food where the whole clove is cooked in oil or ghee.

However this initial funky pungent smell mellows and almost disappears, replaced by a smooth pleasant flavor when it is added to hot oil or ghee.

The flavor is not the spicy fiery kind, but more like Leek or Onion. In its raw form, the strong aroma will contaminate other spices, so it is better stored in an air tight container.

as it is called in Sanskrit are used to flavor different curries and rice.