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It kind of depends on the song I write and what era I see it in.Last season during episode three I had a fun Lady Gaga-esque music video fantasy and this season during episode two there is a kind of retro-60's Motown number.Mine is more of a funny soap opera and I'm lucky because it works well in short-form storytelling. She's a fun, sexy, optimistic character whose mission is to find the right date for her daughter.

"Hall: The call came from my new agents at Innovative.

They were wanting some comedy footage on me and this fit the bill!

There are two more musical numbers in season two as well.

That's part of the fun of actually creating your own stories. It's always fun to dance, sing and act no matter what time period. Soaps.com: What are some of the challenges of producing a web series?

He gets to be medieval as well as modern this season.