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Boer armies move rapidly east and west, besieging important British bases just beyond the borders of the Transvaal - Ladysmith in Natal, and Mafeking in Bechuanaland. A British army corps, landing at the Cape in December 1899, does nothing to reverse the trend.

In what becomes known as Black Week (December 10-15) British forces are decisively defeated in three separate engagements against the Boers (at Stromberg, Magersfontein and Colenso), in each case losing between 7 men to minimal Boer casualties.

By the end of the war, in 1902, about 115,000 people are living in these camps.

More significantly, some 4000 women and 16,000 children have died in them of illness.

They adopt extremely successful guerrilla tactics, prompting an equally unconventional and much criticized response from the British.


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