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You also may not send e Bucks between a Business e Bucks Account and a Personal e Bucks account or between two Business e Bucks Accounts, but you may send e Bucks from a Business e Bucks Account to a Personal e Bucks Account.You may also not purchase any goods and/or services by utilising e Bucks from Your Personal e Bucks Account and e Bucks from Your Business e Bucks Account as a combined payment for such goods and/or services.

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Requests to send e Bucks via the e Bucks Contact Centre will be processed with two Business Days.

By requesting the e Bucks Contact centre agents to send Your e Bucks to another e Bucks Account, You hereby authorise Us to access Your e Bucks Account and to attend to the transfer of the specified amount of e Bucks requested to the designated e Bucks Account on Your behalf.

You may also never have a negative balance in either of Your e Bucks Accounts, unless We debit Your e Bucks Account due to incorrect e Bucks allocated to Your e Bucks Account, We failed to deduct the required e Bucks from Your e Bucks Account, We incorrectly debited Your e Bucks Account for whatsoever reason or we debit Your e Bucks Acccount due to You making an unauthorised transaction on Your e Bucks Account and You do not have sufficient e Bucks in Your e Bucks Account.

e Bucks earned relating directly or indirectly to any business activity, business entity or a Member's business interests may only be allocated to a Business e Bucks Account.

In addition to operating the e Bucks Rewards Programme We also render additional services to Our Members.